Friday, 6 November 2009

Art by Lily

Daddy. Those large things at the side of his head are hands, not ears.
Lily has always had excellent pencil control. At ten months old, she knew how to hold a crayon and which end she had to draw with and she now holds a pencil correctly without ever having been taught. I have really enjoyed watching her drawings develop and just recently she has started doing some lovely drawings of her family. Tom was never remotely interested in drawing anything other than squiggles (still isn't), so these childish drawings are quite new to me and I find them delightful. I particularly like her attention to detail. When she draws herself, Emma or me, we get a straight line for hair. Tom and Mark, on the other hand, get wavy lines because they have curly hair. These drawings have developed entirely without intervention and I think they are so cute.
Tom. Note the curly hair.

Emma. For some reason the baby gets eyebrows!
A portrait of the artist as a young girl. Apparently she doesn't have any legs!
A Duck. This one is my favourite, but it was hard to get a photo of it as she drew it in pencil.

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