Thursday, 28 May 2009

A weekend in the Lakes

The view from our secluded picnic spot by Windermere.
We had such a lovely time in the Lake District at Easter that we decided to go there again last weekend. We set off about lunchtime on Saturday and took the scenic route, arriving in the Lake District in time for a late picnic tea by Windermere. We then pushed on to Carlisle, where we were staying in a Travelodge. The Podlings were high as kites when we got to our room and it took us a while to calm them down enough to sleep.
The Podlings at our first picnic spot by Windermere

Lily and me enjoying our picnic by Windermere
On Sunday we enjoyed our picnic lunch at a fabulous little spot Mark found on the shore of Wastwater. The scenery there really was breathtaking. The Podlings had a lovely time throwing stones in the lake, splashing about in their wellies and exploring the rocks with Mark. We then drove to the beach on Walney Island (by Barrow-in-Furness) for an ice cream.
Wastwater - probably the nicest picnic spot we've enjoyed so far. Mark has a wonderful talent for finding quiet, picturesque spots for our picnics. I don't know how he does it.

Lily splashing about in Wastwater.
Tom tried this for a short while and then chickened out when the water started going in his wellies and he realised just how cold it was. Tom hates being cold!

Tom by Wastwater

Exploring the shore of Wastwater with Daddy
Tom was so tired on Monday morning that he slept in until 10.30am!

We left the hotel late on Monday morning, following Tom's epic lie-in. The boy needs his sleep, so we just left him to wake up on his own. We had lunch in Penrith and then went to Thirlmere where we spent a couple of hours by the lake and the nearby woods. We ended the weekend with a final picnic at our original spot by Windermere.

It was a wonderful little holiday and we all had a lovely time. It is likely to be our last holiday for a while and it was almost certainly our last holiday as a family of four. Next time we go to the Lake District we will be trying to get three children to sleep in one room...could be a while before I'm ready for that one!

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