Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lily's third birthday

The presents
Lily is now old enough to know exactly what birthdays are all about. For several days she has been asking 'is it my birthday today?', so she was thrilled when the answer this morning was 'Yes". She wasn't remotely interested in breakfast this morning and opened all her presents whilst still in her pyjamas. I like to indulge the Podlings in the things that they enjoy on their birthdays, which meant that this morning I was meeting myself coming back with Lily's various craft requests. By eleven o'clock the Podlings had been involved in plasticine modelling, painting, colouring and gluing. I finally threw them in the bath just before lunch to try and get them back to something resembling skin colour! They both had a slightly multi-coloured tinge to them all day!
Lily surrounded by some of her gifts

Tom enjoying his aeroplane painting kit, a gift from his Nanna and Grandad. When one Podling has a birthday, we give the other one a few small gifts to open so they don't feel left out.

The birthday girl at her tea party. She spent all day asking about her party, it's the highlight of her birthday. If forced to choose, I honestly think she'd take the tea party over the presents. The Podlings enjoyed blowing out the candles on her cake so much, we relit them and sang 'Happy Birthday' about four times!

The birthday cake. I made a Victoria sponge and sandwiched it together with seedless raspberry jam. Lily wanted a pink cake, so to decorate it I coloured some white chocolate and used white chocolate buttons and yellow jelly beans to make daisies.

Lily was thrilled to receive an international call from her Nanna, who is on holiday in Cyprus at the moment. She was highly entertained when Nanna sang 'Happy birthday' to her.

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