Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Economic downturn

It would seem I've been absent from the blogging world without leave again. Unfortunately, we have a lot on our minds at the moment as we received some rather bad news last week. It would seem that Mark is being made redundant just before Christmas, which was rather unexpected and very unwelcome news. The company Mark works for is planning for a downturn in profits next year and is making several people redundant, including two of the ten senior managers, of which Mark is one. It is obviously rather a worrying time for us and the timing couldn't have been worse. To paraphrase Mister Micawber, we are hoping that something will turn up soon. In the meantime, we are planning a simple Christmas in Devon with my family and I know that we will be able to forget our troubles and have a lovely time. Besides, there's always a silver lining...the children and I will love seeing more of Mark whilst he is at home with us.


Diane said...

oh no I am so sorry to heat this, hopefully something will turn up. I will keep my ear to the ground within my company, we are Ok (people always need medical devices) there are some units relatively near you and we have a main office in Oxford mainly marketing and clinical. hope you have a good Xmas, we may get to see you.



Diane said...

that was hear not heat

Matthew said...

What buggers, some christmas present..Oh well, if that's how they treat their employees, Mark is probably better off somewhere else anyway, I'm sure he'll have no problem getting another job.
Have a good Christmas in Devon, say "Hi" to your parents for me!

Take care, and don't stress, life is too short, as long as family is around things aren't all bad, I'm sure it will work out fine.


Fi said...

Really sorry to hear that. Hope something turns up soon. Fi x