Saturday, 1 November 2008

Tea and fireworks

With Guy Fawkes night looming next week, a lot of people are letting off fireworks this weekend. We got back a little late from shopping this afternoon, so it was around six and very dark when we got home. Tom had been watching the fireworks from his bedroom window while I was getting a quick tea together. He was thrilled when I let him have his tea at his window so he could continue watching the fireworks. An unheard of novelty that will no doubt result in him asking to have his breakfast up there in the morning!

Lily, on the other hand, is still terrified of fireworks. Our normally confident little girl was reduced to a crying, clinging, nervous wreck when the bangs of the fireworks echoed round the sky. She was so upset that I had to sit knitting by her cot until she fell asleep this evening, which at least meant I was able to finish a square of the blanket I am working on. It was obviously quite upsetting to see Lily so distressed by the fireworks, so our plans to take the Podlings to a bonfire display later in the week have been modified to a Father/Son outing. I will stay home with Lily and try and get her to bed early so she won't be upset by the noise. Hopefully she'll enjoy them next year!

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