Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Some Christmas photos

We have had a wonderful Christmas, but it is getting late and I'm tired so I'll keep it short. I just wanted to share some photos so that my parents in Devon can see what their grandchildren got up to today. The children are too young to fully get what Christmas is about, so we weren't woken up until Lily surfaced at 7.30am. We helped the Podlings to open their stockings and had some breakfast before heading to church. We were quite excited by the appearance of a real donkey in the Nativity play! The children had a few presents before lunch, including their 'main' present, a ride-on car each. We had a fantastic Christmas dinner thanks to the efforts of Mark's mum and dad, after which we all amassed in the lounge to open presents. The Podlings had so many gifts that we decided it was too much for one day. They still have half of them to open, so they have another day of excitement to look forward too. Lily was very tired and couldn't wait to go to bed this evening, but Tom was somewhat more reluctant to go! He was having far too much fun to want it to end! I have also had a great deal of fun today, but I'm rather more on Lily's side and will be grateful to go to bed! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and will have a peaceful and relaxing Boxing Day.

Lily investigates the contents of her stocking

Lily with her favourite present, the apple from her stocking!

Tom enjoying a breakfast of smarties, courtesy of Father Christmas

Lily decides she has had enough of posing for photos

Lily on her ride-on car

Tom adores his new toy car. He spent most of the day in it.

Lily adores Tom's car too. There were squabbles!

Lily having a cuddle with Daddy

Tom and Lily with their new Rainbow Aquadraw.

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