Thursday, 20 December 2007

Festive fare

I managed to have my entire Christmas social life crammed into five days this year. We had three Christmas dinners to go to, all of which have been in the last week. Last Saturday we went to a get-together in Exeter with the people that Mark used to work with before we moved up here. I also used to work with a couple of them a few years ago, so it was nice to catch up with them again. The Podlings joined us for this meal and behaved admirably. Tuesday night was the Christmas meal for the group Mark manages at work and last night was the senior management staff meal. Many delicious three course meals, which will no doubt translate into many extra pounds on the bathroom scales!

I thoroughly enjoyed all the meals, but I particularly enjoyed last night's. I had the most fabulous piece of beef I have ever was cooked to perfection! I also had a rather entertaining dinner companion in the form the husband of one of the management staff. I could not have sat next to anyone with a more differing life view than me! He is an atheist who doesn't celebrate Christmas, dislikes young children and thinks that women with qualifications who become housewives are wasted. Hmmm...I'm a Christian who loves to celebrate Christmas, has two small children (and wants more) and loves being a housewife despite possessing a PhD in polymer chemistry! Despite our opposing views, I found him the most delightful fellow and he certainly kept me entertained.

I've had a most enjoyable time this week, not least because I have been able to spend some time with the man I married. Mark works very hard, so it isn't often we get time to just go out and enjoy ourselves. It has been lovely just relaxing and enjoying his company. After all, I was Mark's wife before I became the Podling's mother!

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