Saturday, 25 August 2007

Ten random facts about Tom

1. He can recite the alphabet and can recognise all its letters.
2. He can count to 50 and read numbers up to 30.
3. He can count backwards from ten.
3. He calls milk 'cuddy', a word he made up himself and we have no idea where it came from.
4. He loves vegetables and will eat half a cucumber in one sitting if given the chance.
5. He can read about 20 words, and is rapidly learning more.
6. He knows all the colours, including gold and silver.
7. He knows the order of the colours of the rainbow.
8. He will try to send me out of the room if he knows he is about to do something he shouldn't ("Mummy in the kitchen!")
9. He loves cars and is always trying to get us to take him for a drive.
10. He is very hard to tell off because he thinks it's funny when you get cross with him!

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