Saturday, 25 August 2007

Art for art's sake

Last Sunday was rather wet and miserable, so we set the Podlings up at their little table with some painting. Tom hasn't done any painting in quite some time, and this was Lily's first ever painting session. They both had a wonderful time and Lily quickly picked up what she was supposed to do with the brushes and paint pots. She took to painting like a duck to water and was thoroughly engrossed for about half an hour. At this point I thought I'd be clever and make a start on their tea while they were painting. Let me give you a piece of advice...never leave a one year old with paints alone, even for a second! I turned my back long enough to take something out of a packet and turned around to see Lily happily painting the walls. Well, her paper was full so you can see her point! Luckily I had the foresight to buy washable paints, so it cleaned off very easily, but I decided to call an end to the painting for one day. She was most upset...I think she would have happily sat their for hours. Tom, being the careful and precise boy that he is, stayed remarkably clean throughout the painting session (even when he was pretending to be Jackson Pollock and splattering paint everywhere), but Lily managed to get herself well and truly coated. You should have seen the colour of my sink after I cleaned them up!

At the end of the painting session, Lily looking a little worse for wear!

Clean again! Having supper and colouring time after their bath

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