Tuesday, 7 August 2007

On cake decoration...

Have you ever used those little silver balls to decorate cakes, buns, biscuits, etc.? Well, I have a little tub of them in my baking cupboard ready for when I want to decorate my baking. The thing I noticed today about these silver balls is just how spherical they are. 'Well, obviously!', you might say! However, my point is that spherical objects have a tendency to roll, particularly when dropped from about, say, shoulder height of a one year old! This afternoon. my darling little lady got into my baking cupboard without me seeing (we have yet to fit the cupboard locks to the doors) and stole this little tub of silver balls. I was cooking their tea at the time and I just heard a 'shake, shake' and thought 'Oh, she must have found one of her rattles'. Until the 'shake, shake' was followed up with a 'clatter, clatter' and a 'someone broke my toy' wail from Lily. I looked around to find a very sad face staring at the hundreds of silver balls that were slowly rolling across my kitchen floor.

I can't emphasize enough how hard those little balls are to clear up from a hard floor. They just rolled away from the hoover and the dustpan and brush approach just served to spread them further. They were everywhere! They had even rolled into the dining room and the hallway. In the end, I had to just pick the horrible little things up by hand, one by one! Think I'll just use icing next time I have the urge to beautify my baking!

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