Friday, 27 April 2007

Entering a new decade...

Well, I'll never see my twenties again! It was my 30th birthday yesterday, which I'm probably supposed to get all uptight about. I can honestly say that turning 30 doesn't bother me in the slightest, though whether I'll say the same as I'm turning 40 we'll have to wait and see! I adore birthdays (it doesn't even have to be mine) and, frankly, the number is irrelevant. I just love the 'I'm special today' feeling you get on your birthday. If I could capture that feeling the rest of the year, I could conquer the world (figuratively, not literally! I can't see me achieving world domination anytime soon!).

I had a lovely day, though I spent it quietly at home with just the Podlings for company (can you believe Mark got to go to Paris on my birthday!). Mum and dad gave me a fabulous new muffin recipe book, so I whipped up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. I only did 'light dutys' round the house (who wants to do loads of housework on their birthday), so I could spend the day playing with my Podlings. I did some knitting when they had their naps and read the instruction manual for The Best Birthday Present Ever (also known as a sewing machine, a gift from mum and dad). I even made a jelly to have at tea time because it isn't a proper birthday unless there's jelly.

Tom and Lily both enjoyed my birthday cards. Tom came to the conclusion that anything that came through the letter box was a birthday card for mummy. Consequently,when the free local paper arrived in the afternoon, I had to put it on the piano with all my birthday cards!

I decided to have a special birthday meal in the evening, rather than eat with the Podlings as usual. I had mussels in garlic butter sauce with fresh bread and a bottle of Schloer to drink (careful there Paula!). My 'birthday cake' was a chocolate brownie sundae and it was fabulous. Yes, it's probably a bit sad putting a candle in a sundae, but that's what I'm like on birthdays. I ate my meal whilst curled up in front of my 'Anne of Green Gables' video. All in all, I had a really lovely day.

The best part is, it doesn't end there. Because Mark couldn't be here for my birthday, I get to have an 'official birthday' on Sunday. Two birthdays for the price of one...can't be bad.

Paula, a 30 year old mother of two....does make me sound terribly grown-up doesn't it?!

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