Monday, 16 April 2007

Easter Sunday

Tom and Lily had a wonderful time in church on Easter Sunday. Little did they know there would be chocolate involved. The Vicar's son-in-law had organised an Easter egg hunt, so Nanna took Tom into the church yard to join the hunt. The children were supposed to find one egg and then bring it back into the church and hand it over. We thought Tom would refuse to give his egg up, but he handed it over without a murmer, so I was quite proud of him. Once all the eggs were back, each of the children were given an egg and Tom couldn't believe his luck! Lily was quite happy with her little chocolate coin, but then we all know how much she likes chocolate!

The rest of the day was warm and sunny, so we spent most of it in the garden. In the late afternoon, I brought the camera out to try and get some Easter pictures for our scrapbooks (if I ever have time to scrapbook again!) and these are some of the results.

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