Monday, 12 February 2018

Valentine's Fun

Valentine's day is always a good opportunity to have some themed fun and gives us something lovely to focus on as the winter drags on. Cold, wet and windy weather makes our usual outdoor adventures less appealing, but indoors we can be cosy and warm as we enjoy some Valentine's themed crafts and activities together. Here is a selection of what we have been getting up to this month, with plenty of other things that never got photographed. It has been so lovely!

A simple Valentine's pre-writing sensory set up for Alex. It is just table salt coloured pink with copious amounts of pink, purple and gold glitter to make it really sparkly. Spread in a tray with various bits and pieces to make marks with (not pictured are the straw, fork and spoon he also played with. 

Making heart shapes with a cookie cutter

He played with this for ages, first drawing and making marks with objects, then drawing in it  with his fingers and then completely burying his hands and pouring and playing with it like sand. It ended up with Playmobil figures in it too! So much fun from such a simple set up.

I bought some water beads in Valentine's colours and put them in a bowl with some pink foam heart shapes. I have never bought water beads before, so this was a first for the Podlings and it went down a treat. Alex and Emma in particular played with them for ages and, naturally, Alex had to add some cars in too!

The water beads were a huge hit with all four Podlings.

Emma loved the water beads

The Valentine's sensory box before I added in all the extras. The Podlings really enjoyed mixing the colours together!

I loved putting this Valentine's sensory box together. I coloured rice red and pink and added in shiny heart-shaped confetti, red glass pebbles and red ribbon roses. I finished it off with the little Valentine's peg people which I painted myself. It looked so pretty!

Fun in the Valentine's sensory box

Painting cardboard heart wreaths and little heart-shaped boxes

I really loved the wreath that Lily made. She is so creative.

A snowy Valentine's photoshoot with the dolls


Ann Kay said...

Such wonderful imaginagion where do you get all your ideas from and all the children had great fun. Well done.
All I managed was a card for Dennis and cut the bread for his boiled egg into heart shapes with the scissors, but at least I tried.

Paula said...

Thank you Ann! I love doing these things for the Podlings. I like the idea of heart-shaped soldiers for boiled eggs!