Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A Day at the Zoo

Twycross Zoo had a wonderful promotion on over half-term, so since the Podlings had filled their marble jar again we decided to take them to the zoo for their treat. The last time we went to the zoo, Alex was only a year old, so he wouldn't have remembered it. He absolutely loved it and loved the giraffes and the penguins the most. Emma adored the lorikeets and was thrilled to have three of them land on her arm at once in the lorikeet aviary. It made her day! Lily was slightly less keen on the one that landed on her head! 

We met up with Mark's parents and his brother Greg and his family in the morning and we had a lovely day out together. You can probably tell from the photos how cold it was, but we were just thankful it stayed dry as rain had been forecast. We were able to warm up with our picnic lunch as Twycross Zoo has a very civilised heated indoor picnic area.

We all had a really enjoyable day out and managed to listen to most of 'James and the Giant Peach' in the car on the way there and back. Audio books are wonderful for longer car journeys and we are particularly enjoying our Roald Dahl set at the moment. All in all, just a really lovely day that I am sure we all remember with fondness.

Lorikeets - Emma's favourite

That's a lorikeet's on Lily's head

Watching the elephants

I love owls!

Mark and I were rather enamoured of the bush dogs!

Everybody loves the penguins!

Alex really loved the penguins and spent ages watching them, running between the underwater viewing window and the wall where he could look over and see them walking and swimming about.

A treefull of cousins. I gave up trying to get a good shot1

Alex enjoying a ride with his cousins Taylor and Freddie

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