Friday, 1 July 2016

Star of the Week

Enjoying an after school snack with Barney

My sweet little Emma was her class Star of the Week this week and got to spend another week with the class teddy, Barney Bear. He had a busy week, accompanying us on a trip to the park, meeting cousins at a family barbecue, building a den, reading stories and cuddling a very happy little girl each night. On his last night with us we had a little farewell tea party to celebrate our little star of the week and to say goodbye to Barney. It was a sad little girl who had to take Barney back to school this morning.

Bike riding with a special passenger

Den building

Emma dressed at Belle and reading to Barney.

A farewell tea party for Barney. Emma looks sad because she doesn't want Barney to go

Bedtime cuddles

A last cuddle before taking Barney back to school

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