Saturday, 2 July 2016

Lily's Den

The Podlings' school have just started holding 'parent workshops' where parents get to go into school for an afternoon and help their child's class with a project. It is a lovely idea and gives parents a chance to see their children interacting with their teacher and classmates in a way that the usual run of concerts and sports days just doesn't. Lily's class were building pyramid shelters for their parent workshop. Lily was working in a group of three and when we showed up we were shown their plan, complete with measurements. Between us (three children, another mum and dad and myself) we built this very sturdy den and had a lot of fun doing it.

Lily was over the moon the following week when she won 'rock, paper, scissors' with her team members and thereby the opportunity to keep the den. She excitedly bounded out of school telling me that we get to bring the den home. Getting it home, on the other hand, proved more of a challenge! In the end, we got Alex out of the pram and the girls walked with him whilst I pushed the pram home with the den over the top of it. I got some funny looks walking home I can tell you! I wish I had thought to take a photo. The den is now living in the back garden much to the delight of Alex! I have since trimmed off a lot of the plastic as I didn't want my little people suffocating in it!

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