Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day

I love to celebrate Valentine's Day with the Podlings each year. Love takes many forms and I don't see why Valentine's day should be solely about romantic love. As usual the Podlings each came down to a basket of Valentine's treats and as usual we ended the day with our now traditional Valentine's tea. Our day took a slightly less than traditional turn in the middle when Lily had to spend much of the afternoon in the local NHS walk-in centre because she pushed too hard with a cotton bud when cleaning her ears! We were worried she had perforated her ear drum, but luckily there was no harm done.

Funnily enough, the only reason I let her clean her own ears now is because of a separate incident a year or two ago. Lily had a stick pushed into her ear and had to spend another afternoon at the same walk-in centre because we thought she had perforated her ear drum then too. She is now so sensitive about her ears that she won't let anyone else near them. She is usually so cautious when cleaning her ears, we just don't know what happened! Poor girl!

Emma and I made heart-shaped fairy cakes whilst Lily and her Daddy waited to be seen, but the girls decorated them together just before we had tea. Not quite the way we had planned to spend the day, but that's life with children for you!


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