Monday, 22 February 2016

Fun at the Museum

On Sunday afternoon we took the Podlings to Brampton Museum in Newcastle-under-Lyme. This is a sweet little museum which the children always enjoy. They love the toy gallery the best, with it's collection of old toys, dolls and teddies. Alex was in Heaven admiring the collection of toy cars and he also loved the toy farm display, pointing out all the animals by telling us the noises they make. Emma loved the dress-up box and was particularly fond of a magnificent red velvet affair, by far the prettiest dress in the box. There was another little girl just waiting for the dress as soon as Emma took it off! They had a lovely play in this area and then spent some time deciding how best to dispose of their pocket money in the gift shop.

Pocket money duly dispatched, we went over to the aviaries outside to see the birds before taking the Podlings to the play park. It was a cold day, so we had the park to ourselves. The Podlings enjoyed the fresh air and we enjoyed tea from the Thermos and the biscuits I had brought along. I loved today. Days like this are what it is all about!

"Car! Choo Choo!"

Love my boys!

Lily showing us her gift shop purchase, a pretty butterfly toy.


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