Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tom becomes a Cub

Tom has been going to Cubs for a few weeks now and was invested on Monday. It's fair to say he wasn't keen on the actual ceremony, but was quite happy to be a fully-fledged Cub after it was all over. It is so nice to see Tom taking an interest in something like this. I love the Scout and Guide movement and the many opportunities and experiences it offers and it is lovely to see Tom wanting to be a part of something like that. Highlights of his experiences so far have included star gazing and a visiting speaker from Jodrell Bank observatory, which Tom particularly enjoyed.

After we got home, we celebrated our new Cub Scout with a special (and very delicious!) cake I made earlier in the day and a few extra treats. Love my big boy!

I used the recipe I use to make Tom's favourite double chocolate chip muffins to make two cakes which I sandwiched with jam and buttercream, topped with melted chocolate and decorated with mini Smarties and dark chocolate sprinkles. It was delicious!

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