Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Double Blessing

Freddie George and Taylor May

Mark's brother Greg and his lovely wife Kelly are now the proud parents of these two gorgeous babies. Twins! The whole family is so excited to welcome its newest members. Taylor May and Freddie George were born on Friday 6th March. Taylor is the elder by a minute, but the smaller by a pound. It has been rather a rough start for mother and Freddie, but all are now doing well and we are thrilled that they are all finally home together, where they should be. We are so looking forward to meeting our new niece and nephew and the Podlings are incredibly excited about their new cousins. We love them already and I can't wait for a double cuddle!

Huge Congratulations, Greg and Kelly, on the arrival of your precious twins and welcome to the world Taylor and Freddie!

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Anonymous said...

They are really beautiful and they have such lovely clear skin.