Friday, 30 January 2015

Snow Day!

Hooray for snow! I received a text message from the Podlings' school just after seven this morning informing us that the school would be closed today because of the snow. There was much rejoicing! The girls couldn't wait to get dressed and go out and play in it. Tom doesn't like being cold and isn't a huge fan of snow, so he just stayed in the warm!

Lily and Emma had great fun outside and built the most adorable little snow baby. They made snow angels, threw snow balls and generally had a great time. They have so much fun together, these two! They eventually came inside and warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

After lunch, I built a tent in the lounge for Emma, which she made her own and then spent the afternoon camping in it. Tom and Lily largely kept themselves entertained (anyone who tells you that having children gets harder as they get older is lying to you!) and Alex enjoyed having all his siblings home. Even Mark was working from home today because of the snow. I love having my family home!

We ended the day with 'The Snow Queen' for our bedtime story. It seemed appropriate!

Snow baby!


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