Monday, 19 January 2015

Playtime for Alexander

I put together a little discovery basket for Alex this afternoon from objects from around the house. The basket included, among other things, a pine cone, a lavender sachet, a marble egg, two large stones of different textures and some pieces of ribbon and fabric. I tried to find things of different textures and weights for him to explore. Alex had lots of fun investigating his basket and the look of concentration on his face as he chose and explored the different objects was delightful. He loved the piece of rik rak, but was particularly fond of the wooden spoon, which he took great delight in biting. Lots of fun for baby in one handy little basket. I will definitely be getting this out for him again.

I added a few more things after I took this picture


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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic set of photos. I can't believe how grown up he looks, I didn't even know he could sit up on his wn. I will be looking at these pictures over and over again. Love Mum.