Sunday, 19 October 2014

Tom's 10th birthday

Ever since he went bowling for a friend's birthday party earlier this year Tom has talked about going bowling for his birthday. Tom doesn't often ask for anything and since it was a special birthday we agreed that we would take him and a couple of friends bowling for his party. We have always done family parties at home before, so having a party in an outside venue was a whole new thing for us. I have to admit it made the whole day surprisingly stress free. I made the cake and cupcakes the day before, so there really wasn't much to do on the day except enjoy it.

Tom woke up early and took his time opening his presents. He is such a delight to buy for as he really appreciates whatever he is given. His wants, as ever, were simple and few and the main things he wanted for his birthday were the remaining books in the  'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series and a replacement Moshi Dribbles to replace the one he lost. He has also recently started showing an interest in geology, so we started off his rock and fossil collection with a few specimens and some books.

Tom's friends turned up just after lunch and we took them all to the bowling alley for the party at one. Tom and his four friends played on one alley and Mark, Tom's grandad and the girls took another. They had two games each and we all had a fabulous time. Tom got at least one strike and several spares and was over the moon about them! It was wonderful to see Tom having such a nice time with his friends. He was just so relaxed and happy and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his party. We dropped Tom's friends home and then went back to our house and just had a lovely afternoon with Mark's parents, finishing up with fish and chips for tea.

Tom had a really wonderful day and thanked us again and again for giving him such a special birthday. It was just so wonderful to see him so completely happy and he was just so sweet in his gratitude. It was a special day for my special boy. I simply can't believe he is ten!

Tom wanted me to make him a birthday cake decorated with Oreo cookies. The only photo I managed to get of it was snapped on the iPad before the chocolate had set. It turned out really well though and tasted delicious!

I made some Oreo cupcakes to go with the Oreo birthday cake. They were chocolate cakes, topped with vanilla buttercream and decorated with an Oreo cookie and chocolate sprinkles. Can you tell that Tom is into Oreo cookies in a big way?

Tom had a wonderful time at his party. Love him to bits!

It was the girls' first time bowling and they both loved it

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