Thursday, 2 October 2014


Alexander meeting his Great Auntie Mary

Sunday was a day of meetings. Mark's Auntie Mary and Uncle Keith were visiting from Devon and staying with Mark's parents. They haven't met Alexander yet, so we drove over on Sunday to spend the day with them. It was so lovely to see them again and I am so glad that they got to see Alexander before he got any bigger.

On Sunday evening Mark's brother Ryan and his wife Carrie came round and we were finally able to meet our little two-week-old niece, Grace. Oh my goodness, she is just so tiny! Like a little doll! I was beyond thrilled to enjoy a lovely cuddle with baby Grace (you can't beat newborn cuddles!) Holding her took me right back to when Tom was a baby. He was premature and was a very tiny 4 lbs 6 oz when he was born. Quite a lot smaller than Alexander, who was a healthy 7 lbs 10 oz.

It was so funny seeing the two baby cousins side by side! There are only four months between Alexander and Grace, but what a difference in size! I am so pleased that Alexander will have a close in age cousin to play with and with Mark's other brother and his wife expecting twins next year, we will be welcoming more babies into the family soon When Greg and Kelly's twins are born we will have seven children between us, so future family gatherings are guaranteed to be fun!

My little man doesn't look quite so little next his tiny cousin Grace!

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