Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Nursery

It still needs a few finishing touches, but the nursery is pretty much finished! I was on a very tight budget for the nursery, so managed to put this together for less than £15. We were very lucky to be given the cot for nothing and my parents very kindly bought the chest of drawers as a 'new baby' present for us. Everything else are things we had anyway, or things I have been able to make very cheaply. I am still on the lookout for the right lamp at the right price, but I am ever so pleased with how the nursery looks and feels. I like to just go in there and sit and enjoy it. It won't be long until its little occupant will arrive now and it feels wonderful to know that the nursery is all ready.

The picture above the chest was a cheap frame I bought in Home Bargains and I simply filled it with Beatrix Potter characters I printed off the Internet. The pine chest of drawers is a generous 'New Baby' gift from my parents. They even bought a load of new terry babygros and little vests to put in them. Is there anything sweeter than clean, white little baby clothes! Thank you Mum and Dad, I love them!

I made these pictures for Lily and she has generously allowed the new baby to have use of them

A pretty Wedgewood plate hangs on the wall above the cot. This hung in the room when it was Lily's and she has kindly left it in there for the new baby to enjoy.

The picture frame was an extravagant 50p from a local charity shop and I printed an image from The Tale of Peter Rabbit from the Internet to put in it. The Wedgewood plate was a childhood present from my Godfather. I used to have a little cup to match it, but I used to let the children use it and unfortunately it got broken.

This pretty little fabric plaque was an eBay find

Tom's Christening shoes, hung up with crochet lace.

I put this wreath together last night. When I know whether the baby is a boy or a girl I will add a blue or pink ribbon accordingly.

The cot canopy isn't actually Beatrix Potter, but it does have lots of little bunnies in clothes all over it. Emma had it on her cot and I think it looks sweet in here too.


Ruth said...

How pretty! A nice classic look, I love the wood. And the little shoes are adorable!

Lainey said...

Nice work! It's more satisfying doing something with a strict budget. It brings out far more creativity than just buying pre-made.