Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Portugal - Part 2

Not a bad spot to spend a week! 

Emma with my lovely sister-in-law, Kelly (Greg's wife)

Lily doing a handstand on the bottom of the pool. The Podlings all gained so much confidence in the water during the week.

Family bomb!

After two days of Portugal sunshine, Lily was sporting a rather fabulous invisible swimming costume!

Playing table tennis in the villa's games room with Uncle Greg and Auntie Kelly

The poolside was so pretty at night

My favourite people!

A rare photo of the five of us

Family barbecue

Would someone like to tell me when my little girl got so grown-up?

Tom is very interested in insects at the moment, so was very excited to find this green shield bug sitting on one of the poolside lights. We saw lots of interesting insects while we were on holiday (much to Tom's delight), including the biggest cricket I have ever seen. I'm not kidding, it was huge!

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