Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A picnic in the park

On Sunday afternoon we met up with some friends and their two children for a picnic at Tatton Park. It was the first time I'd been there and I was astonished at the extent of the grounds. We set up next to the adventure playground and just let the children run free and enjoy themselves, something they haven't been able to do much during this rainy summer holiday. Tom and Lily had a great time in the playground and had a go on some of the merry-go-rounds nearby. Emma was content to explore the interior of the picnic hamper, a pleasure second only to the joys of crawling around slipshod and blackening her feet and clothes. I must stop dressing that baby in white!
The Podlings enjoyed playing with two year old Simon and 10 month old Sophie. I was particularly amused when Emma and Sophie were sat together on the blanket and Sophie started trying to feed Emma with a spoon. So cute!

We all had a lovely afternoon, the novelty of which was enhanced by hearing an announcement over the tannoy for a peer of the realm. Now that's a classy place for a picnic!
(Fiona has some more pictures from our afternoon here. Would you look at the gorgeous dark eyes on her children...beautiful!)

Waiting for a ride.
The children were keen to have a go on the vintage car merry-go-round
Lily was surprisingly gracious and let two year old Simon drive the car without throwing a wobbly. She would, I suspect, have been less gracious had it been Tom in the driving seat!

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