Monday, 13 July 2009

Time for something sweet

This plate of cupcakes was supposed to be a trip to the park, but an unforeseen change in the weather put a stop to any outdoor play this afternoon. Lily decided she wanted to do some baking and since I had a hankering for something sweet I was happy to oblige. We made some chocolate chip fairy cakes and, since I was in the mood for something that looked as sweet as it tasted, I iced them with pink vanilla buttercream and sugar sprinkles. Delicious!

The Podlings have quite different approaches to eating cupcakes. I always have to leave some undecorated as Tom doesn't like icing. Lily, on the other hand, isn't remotely interested in the cake except as a convenient means of transporting the icing. In typical three year old fashion, she licks the buttercream off the top and leaves the cake untouched. As for me, I have yet to meet a cupcake I didn't like!

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