Saturday, 4 April 2009

Social butterflies

The Podlings at their toddler group party

It was the last week of term this week, so the Podlings had two Easter parties to attend before the holidays (my children have a better social life than I do!) On Thursday morning we went to our toddler group Easter party, where all the children wore the hats they had decorated the previous week. There was plenty of party food for the children and we all had a lovely time.

Tom wore his bonnet just long enough for me to snap a couple of pictures. Can't blame him for taking it off really...putting a boy in a fancy Easter bonnet is a bit mean!

On Friday, the playgroup held its Easter party, so I dropped the Podlings off at nine and went back up at eleven to watch the children have their Easter bonnet parade. It was quite obvious that the two bonnets that won the Easter bonnet competition had been made by creative mums, with little or no help from their offspring! I took some lovely pictures, but they all have lots of other children in them. I have a personal policy not to post pictures of other people's children on the Internet, so I guess they'll be staying in the family album.

Lily dressed in her party clothes, ready for her playgroup party.

Lily had her face painted at the playgroup party and was quite proud of her chick


Diane said...

aw so sweet

Fi said...

Tom does look like he's tolerating you in that photo! Glad a good time was had by all. (Don't know if you have any photo-editing software, but if you do, you could always blank/blur out the faces of other children when they're in shot...just a thought).

Paula said...

I did that with the Christmas nativity photos I put on the blog, but there were too many faces to blank out in the Easter ones. Everyone in the group was looking at the camera! Put simply, I couldn't be bothered!

Fi said...

Typical! (That everyone should be looking at the camera). I can understand not being bothered - I find it takes long enough to upload photos sometimes without faffing to edit them!