Thursday, 5 March 2009

Another fine mess...

The unrepentant offender, after the fact
Naptime hasn't been quite as straightforward since we moved Lily into a bed. Whilst she rarely gets out of her bed at night, the afternoon nap is another matter. For a few days, she delighted in climbing out of bed and diving into the basket of books in her room. I could always hear her over the monitor and generally went up to find her sat on the floor, engrossed in a picture book. I would promptly deposit her back in her bed with instructions to go to sleep. Sometimes she even complied first time!

After about a week, she realised that not only could she get out of bed, she could also get out of her room. The first time she tried this, I went up to find her admiring herself in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom. She accomplishes all these feats whilst still zipped into her sleeping bag, so maybe she wanted to know what she looked like in it!

She is so pleased with her new found freedom that she can't help making a big song and dance about it. Because of this, I have always been able to apprehend the runaway and put her back in her bed. Until today...

Mark and I are just getting over a nasty bout of the winter vomiting virus, so I've been feeling quite wiped out for a few days. After I put the Podlings down for quiet time, I came downstairs for a bit of rest myself. Lily had settled without a peep and, whilst I was surprised, I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. After about an hour, I was just about to go upstairs when a little voice called out "Mummy!". The smell that greeted my nose as I walked upstairs meant I was quite prepared for the next piece of information:

"Mummy, I did a poo on the carpet!".

That sentence, incidentally, qualifies as a candidate for 'Understatement of the Century'. She had removed her sleeping bag, tights and nappy and was obviously 'caught short' whilst exploring the master bedroom. I will spare you the unpleasant details, but suffice to say it was everywhere. In an attempt to redeem herself, she had attempted to clear up the mess before calling me, which meant she had walked it all over the bedroom carpet and into the en suite bathroom. It was all over her and, somehow, all over the walls. Ugh!

I deposited the offender in a bubble bath for a good long soaking, which unfortunately did little to chasten her. She loved having the bath all to herself (I always bathe the children together) and loved every minute of it. When she was clean and dressed, I took her downstairs to play with her brother and proceeded to spend a merry half an hour scrubbing my bedroom.

I think I know better than to trust any appearance of naptime compliance in future!


Quidam_Ela said...

Urg :S

Fi said...

Lovely girl! And she looks as though butter wouldn't melt. I sympathise with the clean-up operation!

Diane said...

I didn't attempt to visulise this one!!