Friday, 20 March 2009

Mummy's little helper

Lily always wants to be a part of whatever I'm doing. She plumps up the pillows when I'm making the bed, she wipes the shower when I'm cleaning the bathrooms, she likes to stir the dinner when I'm cooking and hold the vacuum cable when I'm hoovering. Everyday at lunchtime she pulls up a chair to watch me make lunch. Today, she wanted cheese spread and chutney sandwiches, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to let her make her own lunch (with assistance of course!). She did really well once I showed her how to spread using the knife. This little girl loves to be independent ("I do it!" is her constant refrain) and was thrilled with her finished sandwich. She ate far more of it than she does when I make her lunch! A few more years and she will be pretty handy round the house!


Diane said...

So sweet lets see if Lily still wants to help when she is 16!!

Fi said...

I was going to say that just as she gets to an age where she'll be helpful round the house she'll lose all interest. There's a note on my mum and dad's noticeboard from when my sister was in infant school which says "the trouble with my mum is she won't let me do the hoovering"! I honestly can't remember my sister ever being that keen to do housework when she lived at home!