Saturday, 11 October 2008


Lily and her grandad hanging out in the tent.
What child isn't entertained by a tent made out of two dining room chairs and a sheet? Lily loves tents (she actually sleeps in a 'tent', but that is a story for another post and shall be told another time). I'm always having to drag half the dining room furniture into the play room for her. She was gracious enough to ask for her tent today expressly so she could invite her Nanna and Grandad inside. Lily is a very generous hostess and will often offer some of her half chewed biscuits to her guests. I think Mark's mum and dad were spared that particular pleasure on this occasion, for which I'm sure they are grateful!
Nanna in the tent. As usual, Tom moved just as I took the photo. The boy cannot sit still!


On a completely separate note, my parents and sister arrive tomorrow for a week long visit in anticipation of Tom's birthday next week. I'm really looking forward to seeing them and I know they are looking forward to spending time with the Podlings. There will be much talking, playing, cooking and crafting going on next week, but not, I suspect, much blogging! I will try and catch up with my blog when my family have returned home and I'm feeling lonely!

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