Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Butter fingers

These little treats came about by accident as I messed up a recipe this morning. I'd planned to make some millionaire's shortbread (that's the shortbread with caramel and chocolate on top), but I was in a lazy mood and was using the recipe on the side of the tin of condensed milk. This involves crushing 200g of shop-bought shortbread and mixing it in with melted butter, rather than making your own shortbread base. "That's a lot of butter." I thought as I melted the 5 oz of butter required by the recipe. I mixed in my shortbread crumbs, poured it into the centre of my lined tin and watched it ooze towards the edges. Wasn't I supposed to press it flat...this couldn't be right! I looked at the recipe again. It did indeed require 5oz of butter in the caramel. I was only supposed to use 1 oz of butter in the base...oops! I was annoyed with myself for wasting so much butter and nearly a whole pack of shortbread biscuits and decided to try and salvage the situation. I figured that with that much butter, adding a caramel layer would make the treats way too sickly, so I just melted 200g of chocolate and poured it on top of the chilled base. I cut them into small fingers when they were cold. If you like butter, you will like these treats! I think they would also work well with a digestive biscuit base and you could reduce the amount of butter used! The chocolate tends to fall off the top of the biscuit base, but at least I didn't have to waste the ingredients and they are really tasty. However, be warned ladies, these butter fingers will go straight to your hips!


Diane said...

I have a recipe for caramel bars where the base is made from oats, if you want I can type it out and send it to you.

Quidam_Ela said...

Oh dear! Good save though!
I have a recipe for traditional Scottish millionaire's shortbread if you want a copy?

Paula said...

"Yes please!" to both recipe offers! Lily loves the butter fingers, but she eats neat butter anyway if given a chance!