Thursday, 18 September 2008

Towel cake

This was the wedding present I put together for my sister and her new husband. They got married in August and I've been meaning to post this idea for about a month! Because they are living with Gareth's mother at the moment, they asked for vouchers for wedding presents because they have no space to store gifts. I didn't just want to hand over an envelope, so I came up with this towel cake as a way of presenting the voucher (you can never have too many towels!).

I knew they were having a chocolate wedding cake, so I made it a 'chocolate towel cake'. I bought two cream hand towels and two chocolate coloured bath towels. I folded the towels in thirds lengthwise and rolled them to make the cake. I tied a velvet ribbon round the middle (it's supposed to look like cream filling) and tucked the gift envelope in a fold in the outer towel. Finally, I tucked seven dinner candles in the top of the cake to represent the seven years they had been together. It was a nice way of 'dressing up' a gift voucher and turned out really well. My husband informs me most people just put gift vouchers in envelopes!

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Quidam_Ela said...

Gareth and I think it's fantastic! We were loathe to have to deconstruct it when we ran out of towels. Thankyou!