Thursday, 12 April 2018

By the sea

Our caravan site in Northumberland had beautiful sea views and direct access to a tiny little beach. The Podlings love being by the sea. It seems to have such a calming affect on all of us. Alex, in particular, would happily spend hours throwing stones in the water, climbing on the rocks and watching the waves. A visit to the beach was high on his wish list all weekend and we were happy to oblige before leaving. It was such a tiny beach, but we must have spent over an hour there. The Podlings came away happy with pockets full of beach treasure.

The Podlings with their Nanna and Grandad

Exploring the rocks by the shore. 

Lily collecting beach treasure

Playing with grandad

It was remarkable how quickly the fog rolled in.

A boy in his element

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Ann Kay said...

Wow did not find this place if we had we would still be there with Susan. Once inside a book shop be it new or second hand we had all on to drag her out and she is still the same.