Saturday, 17 June 2017

Our holiday in Germany - A Last Farewell

After checking out and letting the Podlings have a final play in the play park, we decided to take a farewell walk around the perimeter of the campsite and down to the countryside behind. It was so beautiful and I wish we had walked there earlier in the week so we could have followed the path further down the hill. There was a field of wheat on our left with beautiful purple vetch climbing up the stalks to delightful effect. The verge was lined with wildflowers and butterflies and to our right the open countryside afforded stunning views. It was like something out of a storybook and I wish we could have spent more time soaking it all in. I would very much like to come back here again.

Capturing this photo of a fritillary butterfly on field bindweed rather made my day!

We found the biggest dandelion clock I think I have ever seen, so I photographed it with Mark's hand to illustrate its size.

Alex couldn't wait to blow the giant dandelion clock. He was a very happy little boy!

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