Thursday, 23 February 2017

Hardwick Hall

On Sunday we visited Hardwick Hall with Mark's parents. Built in the late 16th century and home to Bess of Hardwick, Hardwick Hall is an impressive Elizabethan manor house in Derbyshire. We came to see the snowdrops and only had time to see the gardens this time. We had a lovely little walk and the Podlings were very taken with the fairy doors in the garden. There is much to see there and I would very much like to visit again and see inside the hall. I am especially keen to see the collection of embroideries.

Hardwick Old Hall, adjacent to Hardwick Hall, was the birthplace of Bess of Hardwick. I hope we will also have time to look around here on our next visit.

Alex loved the fairy houses

My boys!

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Ann Kay said...

It is an impressive house, I forget how many windows there is in it an awful lot for the time when I think the window tax was still on the goes. But, then again she was a very wealthy lady, having wed I think it was at least two wealthy husbands.
Locve the snowdrops and the aconites, I keep trying to get some of the latter going in our garden near the snowdrops so far after at least three attempts failed miserably.