Sunday, 15 January 2017

January Brings the Snow

We woke on Friday morning to a world of white and the first question on Lily's lips was "Is school cancelled?". It wasn't until the girls were dressed for school that the text message came through telling them want they wanted to know, their school was indeed closed for the day! There was much rejoicing! Unfortunately for Tom his school remained open, although he wasn't unhappy about going. Mark normally drives Tom the mile and a half to school in the morning and it usually takes them all of five minutes to get there. It took them well over half an hour to make the journey on Friday morning and it took Mark an hour to make his twenty minute journey to work. 

The three remaining Podlings and I took the sledges out for a walk behind the house. The snow wasn't very deep, but it was deep enough to drag the little ones through the snow. Lily opted to pull Emma and I pulled Alex and we walked down to the bottom field where we hoped it would be steep enough to sledge on. Everyone was getting cold by the time we got to field and the bitter wind on the exposed hill proved too much for Alex who started asking to go home. This seemed to make Emma realise how cold she was and I was soon walking home with two cold and tearful little people! Lily had to catch us up as she lost her hat on the field. Not, on the whole, one of our more successful winter walks! Everyone soon cheered up when we got home and warmed up in blankets with hot chocolate and shortbread.

There wasn't much snow left today, but Emma wanted to build a snowman so Mark did his best with the snow shovel to pile up what was left on the back lawn. The first attempt to build the snowman had to be aborted as Alex kept jumping on the pile of snow every time it got built up! When he went down for his nap we tried again and managed to make a little baby snowman with the little bit of remaining snow. We put one of Emma's old baby hats on him and Emma named him Mr Marshmallow. Having recently watched 'The Snowman and the Snowdog' together, Alex wanted to know where the snowdog was when he saw the snowman out of his bedroom window! Emma was concerned for Mr Marshmallow's wellbeing when she went to bed, and looking at the rain out of the window, I fear there will not be much of him left tomorrow morning. Here's hoping we will get some more snow later in the winter. 

Making a snowman with your two year old brother can be a frustrating endeavour!

Emma was so proud of Mr Marshmallow!

Mr Marshmallow, the baby snowman

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Ann Kay said...

Wow a little more snow than we had and how the little one looked to be enjoying knocking down all that was built.
I am sure there will be more to come. In the meantime I am enjoying the large bed or snowdrops we have in the garden just near the kitchen window.