Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas Day

This year we had our second Christmas in our own home. We have always alternated spending Christmas with Mark's parents and my parents, and now that we have four children we don't really fit in my parents' house anymore, especially with the associated paraphernalia of Christmas. This is the second time my parents have come up to spend Christmas at our house and we had a really lovely day. We had a really relaxed approach to the day, not putting any pressure on ourselves in order to ensure that everyone had a pleasant Christmas.

Lily, my early riser, having been told that if she showed up before seven she would have to go back to bed, showed up in my room at 7.02am! Having been up rather late the night before with last minute preparations, it was rather a struggle to open my eyes! The girls came in and opened their stockings and then we went downstairs where the girls sat staring wistfully at their presents piles! Once Nanny and Grandad came through they were allowed to start opening, and they didn't need to be told twice! Tom woke up a little later and Alex later still, so we had a staggered present opening, but everyone seemed very pleased with their gifts and we had four very happy Podlings on Christmas morning.

My Dad was an absolute star with Christmas dinner. He had prepared a lot of the vegetables the day before and when it came to cooking dinner, I was his assistant. It certainly took the pressure off me and we had a delicious traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I couldn't have done it without him and I was very grateful for all his help.

I completely failed to take any photos later in the day, so there is no record of the prettily laid out table, or Emma in her lovely red needlecord smocked dress, or the other Podlings in their Christmas jumpers. I have memories though, and they are wonderful! 

Waiting to start opening their presents!

Emma asked for Sylvanian Families for Christmas. I was so excited! They were one of my favourite toys as a girl and the girls still play with the ones I had. It was a pleasure to get Emma some of her very own and I was surprised to see that the toys are even more charming than they used to be. Something that can not often be said about the toy industry!

Sleepy Alex!

You can just see Alexander's Christmas jumper has snowflakes and red double decker buses on it! It is his favourite jumper now and he wears it as often as he can!


Ann Kay said...

Hello looks like a good time was had by all what a lovely lot of gifts.

I think I agree its good to find shall I say an "older" type of toy that has not
been altered in some way.

Susan collection My Little Ponies and we still have all of them and the paraphanalia that went with them boxed up.No wonder our so called little spare room is full its all these boxes in their black plastic covering bags.

They were then discontinued and later brought back but Susan calls these new ones "mutant" ponies as the legs are much longer and not as pretty as the originals.

Happy New Year to all. Ann

Paula said...

Susan is not wrong about the new My Little Pony toys. Both my girls love them, but they lack all the charm of the original toys and are nowhere near as pretty. They are also much smaller, which means they are probably much cheaper to make, leaving a bigger profit for the toy company. I wish I still had all my old ponies, but my Mum lent them to the granddaughter of a friend of hers and they never gave them back. I still have all my old Sylvanians though and they do get played with.