Sunday, 28 June 2015

School Summer Fayre

The school summer fayre is something of a highlight in the year for the Podlings. Where else can 20p buy you a new toy? I always give them a pound each to spend on whatever they like and the girls inevitably spend it on stuffed animals! There was a man selling rock and mineral specimens this year which actually tempted Tom to part with some of his money (he normally prefers to save, sensible boy). He has a slowly growing rock collection and a fledgling interest in geology that I am keen to encourage. Lily also started her own rock collection with a couple of specimens she bought at the fayre. Emma loved the cat glove puppet she bought and enjoyed a good bounce on the bouncy castle. Alex just loved being out of his pram! 

Emma having a minor strop because we wouldn't let her have a second go on the bouncy castle 

Alex decides to cheer Emma up with a game of Emma Squish

Emma Squish basically involves Alex climbing on Emma and squishing her! Emma is such a sunny little person that she can't maintain a strop for long!

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