Sunday, 21 September 2014

Four months old

Alexander at 4 months

Time really is flying by and life with this gorgeous little man gets better and better. He was 14 lbs 4 oz when I had him weighed on the 15th (at 18 weeks old) and is now starting to wear 3-6 month clothes. He is the happiest little baby and only cries when he is hungry or over tired. He doesn't give you a lot of notice when he is hungry though, going from happy to wildly upset if you don't get his bottle ready quickly enough. Because of this he has been able to achieve something none of his siblings ever did as babies, he can wake his Daddy up! Mark is the heaviest sleeper and with all the other babies I have always been able to get the bottle ready (or breastfeed) before they started making enough noise to wake Mark. Not so with Alex! He starts yelling so quickly that he can achieve the impossible! Four babies in and Mark is finally getting to experience the joys of disturbed sleep! To say that Mark is not impressed is probably an understatement!

The other Podlings continue to adore Alexander. Four months in and the novelty of a new baby brother has in no way worn off. The feeling is entirely mutual and Alex gives some wonderful smiles to his older siblings. Lily can get the most adorable laughs out of him too. They love Alex so much they keep trying to talk me into having another baby!

Alex is the sweetest, most content little boy and brings so much happiness to the family. We all adore him!

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