Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Grey Matters

23 weeks and 3 days pregnant 

Mark snapped a couple of pictures of me last Saturday before we went around to visit my father-in-law, who has just had his hip replaced. I was hoping for some nice maternity shots, but unfortunately all I can see is how grey my hair has become! The winter light really brings out those highlights!

I inherited a great many wonderful qualities from my mother's side of the family, unfortunately along with the good things I also inherited the premature grey gene! Everyone on my mum's side of the family starts to go grey very young. I found my first grey hair at the age of 19, which isn't as bad as my poor sister who found her first grey hair at about 14!

My hair is naturally very dark, so the grey is very obvious. I started to dye my hair as close to my natural colour as possible a few years ago, but being pregnant I haven't touched it for months. I don't like to mess around with chemicals when my baby's internal organs are forming! Even though dying your hair whilst pregnant is supposed to be completely safe, I don't like to take any chances for the first few months. However, now that I am 24 weeks pregnant, I am far enough along that I feel comfortable colouring my hair again.

If these photos hadn't been encouragement enough, the observations of my seven-year old daughter would have been. I was sitting down when Lily came and stood beside me. She looked at me a moment and then said in surprise, "Your hair is grey! I thought it was meant to be black.". Hopefully it will be a nice shade of dark brown again soon!

Sadly my little grey cells are all in my hair these days!


Ruth said...

Gray hair can be very chic too! :) I think you look cute. I also think it's a good idea not to dye your hair while pregnant - I didn't, either!

Paula said...

Thank you :-)

Lainey said...

On the plus side, going grey early means it really doesn't bother you when you get older. I have friends now who are lamenting the grey hairs they're getting in their 30's. I just think 'Meh. Another one.'

I agree with Ruth; chic!