Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ten Years!

Our Wedding Day, May 10th 2003. 

Yesterday Mark and I celebrated ten happy years of marriage. It hardly seems possible that we are in double figures now! Where has the time gone? They have been wonderful years though and we have three beautiful children to show for it. I feel very blessed.

Mark's mum and dad very kindly came and watched the Podlings for us and treated us to the very rare treat of lunch out on our own. We enjoyed a fabulous three course meal at a nearby inn and then went for a walk in Hare Hill Gardens near Alderley Edge. Many of the rhododendrons were in flower and it was beautiful and very peaceful. Rather annoyingly I forgot my camera, so I had to make do with Mark's phone to take this handful of shots.

After leaving Hare Hill Gardens we took a very quick walk in the woods at Alderley Edge before heading back to reality. It was so nice to be able to spend time alone with my husband. After all, there were two of us before there were five of us and it was nice just to have a chance to remember that. Thank you so much to Mum and Dad P. for allowing us to have such a lovely afternoon together.

It was slightly disconcerting to find the car park full of cows when we arrived at Hare Hill Gardens. Cows are very big animals!



Hamlette said...

Congratulations! Not only for being married for 10 years, but for being able to take some time alone together to celebrate. May you be blessed with many more anniversaries!

Paula said...

Thank you! Time alone is definitely a challenge these days!