Sunday, 15 May 2011

All quiet on the blogging front

You've probably noticed it's been a bit quiet on the blog for a couple of weeks. I'm afraid blogging has had to take rather a back seat lately. Mark is currently signed off from work with pneumonia, so he is not a well man. In addition, Tom and Lily were home from school ill almost all of last week and they seem to have been rather generous with their germs as I now also have a cold. Emma has been enjoying good health, so I also have an inquisitive, active toddler to contend with. Poorly children mean busy days and sleepless nights, so this mummy hasn't had a lot of energy left for taking photos and blogging (I'm not whining, just giving a reason for my absence)!

Hopefully normal blogging will resume when life takes on some semblance of normality again!

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Lainey said...

Hope you all feel better soon!

Birthday cards and presents have (finally) been posted.

I sent Lily's direct from Argos, so unfortunately it won't be wrapped - I wanted to make sure it would arrive on time!