Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lily's First Day

Lily looking adorable in her new school uniform.
The cardigan is very big on her, but it was the smallest size they did!
Today was a big day for Lily as she ventured into the realms of formal education. She was very excited and couldn't wait to carry her new princess lunch bag. She told me that she was a schoolgirl now and set off happily on our walk to school. She had a big smile on her face for much of the walk! When we got into the classroom, we hung up her coat and bags and then I took her round the room. She was uncharacteristically quiet for Lily and stayed close to me. This didn't worry me as Lily would often behave this way when we went to playgroup. She has always been uncertain how to join in when large groups are already playing together, though she has no trouble once she finds someone to play with. I have found that Lily tends to get on better with those who are older than her as opposed to those her own age, though she has many friends her own age too. She loves the company of adults more than any other, so she was quite happy when her new teacher took her by the hand and encouraged her to say goodbye. I knew that she would settle down well and hoped she would have a good first day.
Walking to school.
I had to take a sneaky photo of Tom, who was refusing to pose for me this morning!
At the end of the day, Lily came trotting out of school as if she had done so a hundred times before. She had a lovely day and seems to have taken to school like a duck to water. She found assembly rather dull ("We just had to sit") and unfortunately she was pushed by one of the boys, but she has already made friends with an older girl (who apparently picked her up!). She got very weepy and emotional about an hour after we got home, but I think that was simply down to tiredness and over stimulation (I could rant here about what I think of having to send four year olds to school, but it's probably not a good idea to get me started on that one!). She is quite happy about going to school again tomorrow, so Lily's first day of school can be rated as a success. The house certainly is quiet without her bubbly chatter and constant stream of questions, but at least I can relax a little knowing that she is enjoying herself. Let's hope they can keep up with her!
An uncharacteristically quiet Lily surveys her new classroom

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Diane said...

I am so glad Lily enjoyed school, 4 years is a bit too young, my friend in works little girl started school on Monday and she was only 4 in July she looked so timy.