Thursday, 22 January 2009

Mercy cut

I finally took pity on Lily and had her locks chopped off. I really wanted her to have long hair so I could put it in pigtails, but she HATES having her hair brushed and it had got to a length where it tangled really easily. Hair brushing had become a daily battle involving many tears on her part and frustration on mine, so I thought a smart little shoulder length bob was the way forward. We are visiting my parents in Devon this week, so I roped my mum into cutting Lily's hair. Mum had cut my sister's and my hair for many years, so I thought it best to leave the first cut to more experienced hands than mine!
My mum did a wonderful job of cutting Lily's hair as she moved around the living room, moving her head around and generally making the whole process rather difficult. She eventually settled down on my dad's lap and ate a chocolate biscuit while my mum finished the job. Lily's hair looks much better now and is so much easier to maintain. I was able to brush her hair several times today without her dissolving into tears. I think we are all happy with the result.

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Diane said...

Lily's hair looks lovely, it probably tangled a lot becuase the baby hair is so much finer, it will be easier to maintain now